Welcome to the 2017 event!

April 20, 2014

2014 Participant Notes

This year’s 2014 Participant Notes are now available and can be accessed here. Please make sure that you and your team mates are familiar with the rules and regulations of the event before race day. Additional documents on the Line-O, Distance-Bearing and Grid Reference challenges can be found here: E2C 2014 8 digit Grid references E2C 2014 DB notes E2C 2014 Line O notes

April 01, 2014

From the Course Designer

This year has been the hardest for travel due to snow and general weather conditions once winter was upon us. As a result this has made it difficult and in particular, slow to get to areas of interest for possible control placement. The travel in the woods on snowshoes has been the slowest I personally have ever travelled  in identifying control locations due to the type of snow on the ground at the time we were in the woods. An … Continue reading 

March 07, 2014

A note from the field crew

Time is ‘March’ing on and the field crew is busy! Progress has been slower than usual, with warm temperatures and soft snow conditions this winter making travel slow.  However, conditions changed on March 1st; when the snow was hard enough we largely drove and walked on top of it instead of sinking to our knees in snowshoes.  However, only half of the course has been visited and designed… time is of the essence now! Pictures of our field experiences are … Continue reading 

January 29, 2014

2014 E2C preparations are underway!

Hi Folks!  As well as the usual organizational preparations, there has been lots of time spent in the woods recently visiting new terrain and mapping new features.  And we have definitely found some interesting items! Without giving too much information away, this year we hope to continue with the good features of last year’s course and avoid the gruelling treks across windfall from Hurricane Juan of 2003.  For a peek at our winter field activities, you can view pictures on … Continue reading 

January 01, 2014

2014 Results

145 teams and 394 participants took part in the 2014 E2C on May 3rd and 4th. Winner of the Pledge Challenge: Heather Balch (Swamp Donkeys): $630 raised Emergency Responders & SAR – results 8hr 1st: Red Island – H.Pringle, J.Toner (PEI) – 940 points (17 controls) 2nd: Puddle Pirates – J.Barsalou, M.Drake, S.Lannon, D.Pallister, N.Osbourne (NS) – 530 points (10 controls) 3rd: The Deadly – K.Sylliboy, R.Teal (NS) – 520 points (11 controls) 24hr 1st: There Was An 8-Hour Option? … Continue reading 

September 03, 2013

Control point analysis – 2013 E2C

Our Orienteering Association of Nova Scotia rep, Peter Lewis, has put together an interesting and informative analysis of the control points that were visited during the 2013 E2C. The document is available here – time to brush up on your strategy for next year’s event!