Looking for a Challenge?

Then navigate this … Halifax Regional Search & Rescue’s “Eco-Endurance Challenge”. There are four exciting Navigational Competitions available, offering eight and twenty-four hour options. All challenges have the same full course open to them and use the same competition map.

The Eco-Endurance Challenge 2017 is an exciting and challenging adventure hosted outside Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The E2C will be physically and mentally demanding, with an event area of more than 100 km2 of thick forests, wet bogs, fast flowing streams and miles of backwoods trails and cart tracks. It will challenge your navigational abilities as well as endurance in the backcountry of Eastern Canada.  This fundraising event promises to be equally fun and challenging for the seasoned adventure racer or the first time participant.

The E2C is a hybrid of classical orienteering, ultra-distance running and the navigational training practices of Search and Rescue Emergency Responders. Good physical conditioning is necessary to push one through the tough terrain, but accurate navigation skills are key to finding controls and minimizing the distance traveled. The 24 hour challenge is mentally exhausting as team members must always be aware of their surroundings. Teams of two or more have a fixed time (8 or 24 hours) to visit as many of the 60 checkpoints as possible. The winner of the event is the team that obtains the highest point total within the specified time, or is the fastest to return to the start after visiting all the markers on the course.

All profits from the Eco-Endurance Challenge are used to support the life-saving activities of Halifax Regional Search and Rescue and provide assistance to the Orienteering Association of Nova Scotia.  Revenues are used to support:

  • Search and Rescue Operations
  • Children’s Hug-A-Tree Program
  • Training and Educational Programs
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Capital Asset Purchases

Challenge I – Emergency Responders & SAR – 8 or 24 hour events
Challenge II – Public Competitive – 8 or 24 hour events
Challenge III – Recreational – 8 or 24 hour events
Challenge IV – Armed Forces – 8 or 24 hour events

ENTRY OPTIONS: The Pledge Challenge: Registration waived with a minimum of $150 in pledges per person per team. Charitable receipts available. Contact Jenny Cartwright or Chris Richards for further details.  The team that raises the most in dollar donations per member will win the grand prize – a shopping spree at the Trail Shop. There are also individual draw prizes for pledge participants.


Registration Fee:  $65 per person CAD (8hr event) / $80 per Person CAD (24hr event)

Search and Rescue Training Discount: $25 per person

Youth entry – 8hr event $25 / 24hr event $40. Youth are classed as those aged 18 and under. Please note that there must be at least one adult (over 18) on a team.

Join the challenge and live the adventure!


Start Date: May 6th, 2017 – Start Time: 06:30 AM

End Date: May 7th, 2017 – End Time: 12:00 PM

Preliminary Schedule

Saturday –

  • 06:00 – Registration begins  (8hr participants have priority for 1st hour of registration). 
  • 07:00 onwards – 8 hour participants begin to depart registration hall for start/finish (please ensure you have 45 min. to travel to the start/finish)
  • 07:30 – Mandatory equipment check opens (8hr race only)
  • 09:00 onwards – 24 hour participants begin to depart registration hall for start/finish (please ensure you have 45 min. to travel to the start/finish)
  • 09:45 – Mandatory pre-challenge briefing & distribution of punch cards (8hr race only)
  • 10:00 – Start of 8-hour event
  • 10:05 – Mandatory equipment check begins (24hr race)
  • 11:45 – Mandatory pre-challenge briefing & distribution of punch cards (24hr race)
  • 12:00 – Start of 24-hour event
  • 18:00 – Official end of 8-hour event; post-race dinner and awards for 8hr event
  • Continuing – 24-hour event continues all night

Sunday –

  • 12:00 – Official end of 24-hour event – post-race dinner and awards


The 2017 Eco-Endurance Challenge race will be held near Devon, NS; not far from the Stanfield International Airport. Directions to the start/finish will be given to participants at registration. Please allow about 35 minutes for travel from registration to the start/finish site.

(Saturday May 6th, 6am onwards)

For 2017, race-day registration will be held at the Goffs Volunteer Fire Department, 2040 Old Guysborough Rd. A map of the location can be found here: https://goo.gl/maps/51424zGQCbq

  • Take Exit #5A off Hwy102 (Aerotech Business Park)
  • Follow Aerotech Drive for 1km
  • Turn LEFT onto Pratt & Whitney Drive and continue for 250m
  • Turn RIGHT onto Old Guysborough Road/Hwy 212
  • Continue down Old Guysborough Road for 8km, following along the side of the airport
  • The Fire Hall will be on your LEFT, immediately after the junction with Oldham Road and opposite the Airlane golf club grounds.

*IMPORTANT NOTE* As this is an active volunteer fire department, please do not park in front of the bay doors and respect all pylons/signage.

Participant Notes

The 2017 Meet Director/Course Designer/Participant notes are available here: E2C 2017 – Participant Notes


Event organizers require every person going into the woods to carry: matches, a knife, compass, whistle, water bottle, and watch.

You will be given one or more competition maps (1:25,000 and/or 1:10,000 scales), a punch card and a set of control descriptions. An emergency cell number will be issued for participants who will be carrying cell phones. Safety points with radios will be established prior to the challenge. We strongly recommend that you also have: food, insect repellent, first aid kit, tissue paper, extra socks and shoes, extra clothes, flashlight or headlamp, sunscreen, and a sturdy pack. If you are planning to stay out overnight, you may wish to carry anything from a groundsheet: for those wanting minimum protection and encumbrance, to a tent and sleeping bag: for the less competitively inclined.

Any other gear you carry is up to you. Please note that extra socks are recommended. The area will be wet.

Rough camping may be permitted at the site. If planning to arrive Friday night please contact the Meet Director.


All participants will require personal transportation between the Registration centre and the competition area. We encourage car-pooling as parking is limited. The parking area is on a dirt road.