Halifax Orienteering Club presents the Pre-E2C!

February 20, 2017

2017 Pre-Eco Endurance Challenge by Halifax Orienteering Club

This is the second annual pre-E2C event hosted by the Halifax Orienteering Club (HOC) on 22 April, two weekends before the E2C. It is a great way to tune up for the E2C and you will be competing in a beautiful part of the province! The event will be held in Wentworth with registration at the Wentworth Hostel. There will be a 2 hour and a 4 hour event and the courses are on a 1:15000 orienteering map (very detailed) and will be in a similar format to the E2C. It will be a score orienteering event with line navigation components. This event can be run as a team or individually.

All information and registration details can be found at the HOC website at https://hoc.whyjustrun.ca/  Just click on the event for further details. Alternatively you can visit the Orienteering Association of NS website at http://orienteeringns.ca/event.php?id=675.

In the spirit of the E2C all profits from this event will be donated to Halifax Regional Search & Rescue.