Article by team Tree Huggers

June 14, 2011

Team Tree Huggers, who finished in 5th place in the Public Competitive 24hr race, have posted a comprehensive and entertaining account of their E2C experience on the Attack Point website, along with some great photos. Check out their story on the Attack Point website here.

  • Jim Blanchard

    Hi Tree Huggers,

    I loved your article! It is not only well written but gives a series of pictures to give readers a glimpse of the course along the way you went in finding the controls you wished to locate.

    You have essentially written a story for your event, and it is indeed a pleasure to read, as have all the stories that have been written, this year and in the past.

    It is wonderful to hear you located all controls you went looking for. It not only indicates you are very good navigators, which came out in your analysis of your night navigation comments, but gives us the knowledge that our controls are correctly placed. We take great care in vetting the course and if a predetermined site once visited is not suitable we choose a new one. Over the large area we use this takes a great deal of time and even with driving in a 4 wheel drive we often only get 6 to 10 locations confirmed in a full day. 

    Your notes about the woods and clear cuts are very true and quite accurate. There are some lovely woods and some ugly woods and the same goes for the clear cuts. We try very hard to allow more then one route choice and to avoid the more severe swamps and the more ugly clear cuts if at all possible.

    You correctly noted that our event is a roganie but different from the traditional rogaine. It has been our aim and intent to be different, have safety as a top priority and to still give participants an event they will remember.

    We trust that you return again and hope that your article on Attack Point draws in other participants.

    Thank you so much for your article on Attack Point.

    Jim Blanchard

  • Barb C

     Thanks for your kind comments, Jim! I have just registered for the 2012 race. Really looking forward to it – and I plan to bring my camera again. 🙂