2013 E2C Course Update

February 21, 2013

The 2013 E2C course design is well underway!  Field work has been ongoing in the all-new area since Sept. 2012.  At this time 26 of 60 points have been selected and visited in the field. This year truly offers something for everyone!  There are up to 15 points within 2.5 kms of the Start / Finish. This allows folks to get that feeling of accomplishment and success early in the race and also leaves lots of choices for ‘just one more point’ on the way back.  And for those back-woods navigators, there are circuits through the woods of several kilometres or more of pure bushwhacking.  This year should be one of the most interesting years yet… be sure to come out and enjoy the fun!
  • Contour Insurgents

    Should be good!  Looking forward to a different challenge this year. 

  • Cheryl Berube

    How does one learn orienteering? Are there courses offered by the province?

  • Jenny Cartwright

    Hi there, I am not sure if the province offers courses, but Halifax Regional Search and Rescue offers Map & Compass courses twice per year, and then the Orienteering Association of Nova Scotia probably has courses too. They are at http://orienteeringns.ca/ and our HRSAR website is at http://www.hrsar.ca. Cheers!

  • Jenny Cartwright

    Glad you are looking forward to it! 🙂

  • N.Harding
  • Oh, you have no idea! A different challenge for sure! Your team name may be so fitting!
    The Map Maker!