2010 Participant Notes

December 23, 2010

The 2010 Participant Notes can be found here.

  • The Wife

    When I saw you were looking for stories of last years challenge I couldn’t let the opportunity go by. My husband, Mark Folkins and his friend Ober Reid (The lost boys) have done the challenge the last couple of years. Normally, we travel from Sussex on Friday night so they can have an early start on Saturday. While packing, my husband packed his hiking boots ofcourse. When he got to the challenge he realized that he picked the same foot from 2 different sets of hiking boots. He did the whole challenge wearing 1 hiking boot and 1 of his dress shoes for work. Surprisingly enough, the shoes lasted the whole time! Better to wear 2 different shoes than do the whole thing while hopping on 1 foot!

  • Jenny Cartwright

    Fantastic! No blisters or anything? Maybe that should become a yearly tradition!