2017 Registration

Welcome to registration for the 2017 Eco-Endurance Challenge! Please read the notes below before registering your team and if you have questions or notice anything that isn’t working the way you think it should, please let us know. Registration is open until midnight on April 30th, 2017.
  • The cost of the 2017 E2C is $65 per 8hr competitor and $80 per 24hr competitor.
  • Youth fees are $40 for the 24hr race and $25 for the 8hr race. Youth are considered to be age 18 or younger and must have at least one member aged 18+ on their team (unless pre-approved by the Meet Director).
  • Teams that sign up for the Pledge Challenge have their entry fees waived with a minimum $150 in pledges per team member. Download the pledge form.
  • T-shirts are unisex so please take this into account when requesting sizes.
  • SAR members receive a $25 discount off their entry fee.

Competitor looking to join a team – preferably 24hr Competitive. He’s competed in every E2C we’ve had since the beginning! Do you have space on your team for one more? Contact Jenny if so and we’ll connect you up…

2017 Eco Endurance Challenge


Continuing in 2017, we are offering discounted youth entry to the event; if you are aged 18 or younger, you can enter the 24hr challenge for half price and the 8hr challenge for just $25! We are also automating the process to receive your $25 discount if you are a member of a Search and Rescue team (we may follow up to confirm which SAR team you are with).

If you have youth participants or SAR members on your team, please go through the registration process as normal and then enter one of the following discount codes at the bottom of the page in the "promo code" box:

1youth - one youth member on the teamfirst point out
2youth - two youth members on the team
3youth - three youth members on the team
4youth - four youth members on the team

1sar - one SAR member on the team
2sar - two SAR members on the team
3sar - three SAR members on the team
4sar - four SAR members on the team
5sar - five SAR members on the team

Please note that there must be at least one adult (over 18) on each team, unless cleared in advance with race organizers.

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.

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