Team Stories – Prince Co.GSR

April 19, 2003

Prince Co GSR (H.Pringle, J.Toner, C.Tanton, S.Stevenson)
2450 points
1/12 teams in Rec-8

We put in a team of 4 as a great way to get in an early event , get ready for the AR racing season and to represent GSAR from PEI who helped sponsor our participation in this event.

We couldn’t have dreamed of a better day for the event. We started at 1000 and first tackled 243 under the powerlines. We decided to diverge from the main stream of competitors which were heading to 245 and head north to 201 and 241. We approached 241 from a path that ended to the northeast of the mark and bushwhacked down to it ending up right on top of it as we emerged on Carney Lake (great luck). We decided to follow the lake south and finally found a path heading east to rejoin the main trail heading south to the powerlines and on to 245. We collected 245 by 1230 and shortly after met up with three 24 hour teams heading to it. We followed the trails north heading for 244 then on to 202 where we ran across the Red Rock Raiders.

Our game plan was to continue north collecting as many points as possible then end up at 200 about 4 pm which would allow us an hour to get back to the finish and collect our 500 early finish bonus. From 202 we headed north on the trail that bisected 224 and 232. We collected 224 but realized that time was short and started off for 200 bypassing a lot of marks. We planned to follow the trail which ran west-east across the top of Carney Lake to Rees Brook but the trail ended abruptly opposite 248 so we followed logging machine tracks and bushwhacked a bit before finally emerging at the Rees brook Bridge at 415pm. We knew we had to rush to get back for our early bonus points. We collected 220 and headed for home. We saw 2 teams ahead of us heading back and as time was running out we saw them proceed past 201 and continue southerly. From the map it looked like trail heading easterly from 201 was the shorter route home which we took but we worried that they knew something we didn’t (like the trail disappearing again) but we stayed on the trail and with the minutes ticking by and thoughts of losing that 500 pt. early finish bonus we hustled and managed to finish at 455pm. About 6-7 minutes later we saw the 2 teams that were ahead of us finishing just missing their time bonus.

It was a great day and a great event – our thanks to the organizers!

243-201-241-245-244-202-224-220+ 500 early bonus =2450pts.