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May 13, 2012

2012 Team Stories

A great article (with loads of photos) by the top all-female team, Tree Huggers. The winners of the 24hr Public Competitive event, Canyonero, detail their E2C race with photos. GHO SLO’s story can be found here – this file opens in a pdf.    

Jun 14, 2011

Article by team Tree Huggers

Team Tree Huggers, who finished in 5th place in the Public Competitive 24hr race, have posted a comprehensive and entertaining account of their E2C experience on the Attack Point website, along with some great photos. Continue reading this post to check out their story… Continue reading 

Jun 04, 2011

Team Stories – Remote Controls

Shawn Veinot and Mark Sypher from team “Remote Controls” discuss this year’s E2C experience. Continue reading 

Jun 04, 2011

Team Stories – Team Awesome

Some feedback from “Team Awesome” about their experiences with the 2011 E2C and responses from Mapping Director Eugene Peters and Course Designer Jim Blanchard. Continue reading 

Jun 01, 2011

Team Stories – A Rose Between Two Thorns

Gordon Warnica, of team “A Rose Between Two Thorns” shares his experiences with the 2011 E2C. Continue reading 

Apr 19, 2008

Team Stories – Random Walkers

Random Walkers (I. Folkins, P. Macaulay) 5400 points (1729 h) 1/12 teams in PC-8 I have done most of the 8 hour E2C events since the first in 2001. I really enjoy the way the E2C forces you to experience the woods/swamps/thickets in unusual ways. I remember beautiful mossy open stretches of big trees, crossing swampy streams with murky bottoms and being forced to slither out on your stomach by grabbing on to bushes. My partner this year was Phil … Continue reading