Team Stories – Powersauce

April 19, 2003

Powersauce (P.Gamble, S.Newton, D.Newton)
1500 points
9/12 teams in Rec-8

The eight-hour recreational race was a perfect choice – the three of us had never done anything like this before. We got out a few times the prior week for practice with the compass and we did have a GPS on hand for emergencies but it stayed in the pack.

Our game plan was to “avoid running” and to “not worry about the points”. I still think a brisk hiking pace is fine but next race I will definitely spend more time considering the sequence of check points and how to adapt the route as time winds down.

We started with 201, missed 241, and then hit 220, 246, 229 and 200. We were quite close to a few more markers but decided that if we continued counter-clockwise around the lake we would never make it back in time without running. So we doubled back the way we had come, picking up 243 and an early bonus.

Ultimately, we brought way too much food, water and clothes but had a truly enjoyable 28 km adventure. Our compliments to the organizers.