Team Stories – Yeti

April 19, 2003

Yeti (F.Falardeau, L.Baril)
5350 points
3/19 teams in PC-24

We hit the road before the Eco-Endurance Challenge end because we had to work on Monday and it was a long trip back home. Team Yeti strategy was to get all controls clockwise on the west loop before midnight and all controls counterclockwise on the east loop before noon. We expected to get all the controls in 22-24 hours.

We got west loop controls in this order: 201, 220, 241, 243, 245, 244, 202, 249, 232, 224, 248, 239, 225, 204, 215, 209, 236, 229, 200. The woods were dense in some places, but it was really brutal in the logging areas. At 10 pm, our team was at control 246, but we couldn’t find it despite we spend an hour and half in the cove.

We decided to get back to the base camp for a midnight snack with one missing control. After midnight we searched for controls 137 and 108. We spent hours without finding any controls. Our spirit was very low at this point: No controls since many hours, fatigue was coming out, a general impression of treasure hunting, and now this cold rain. We decided we had enough and came back to the base camp for some sweet dreams in the rain. Nova Scotia’s people were nice and offered us a sturdy breakfast before we leave for Montreal.

We learned later that control 246 was moved during the event and points will be credited to us. Other teams mentioned control 108 was down on the ground. It explain why this easy control couldn’t be located. We think control 137 was misplaced or his control description mismatched field configuration. Looking at the results, it seems most teams spent 24 hour to get as many points as we did in 10 hour… Anyway, people at home were asking where these “tiger’s” scratches came from… Cheers!

Francis Falardeau
Team Yeti