Important notice re: fundraising

December 07, 2012

December 2012

The Nova Scotia Ground Search and Rescue Association (NSGSARA) has signed an agreement with a marketing firm for a telephone fundraising campaign. These funds are to support future association meetings (not search and rescue operations). This agreement was signed without the prior knowledge or support of HRSAR and the ’cold-call’ telemarketing campaign has already begun. We would like past and present E2C participants to be aware of the following:

a.  Halifax Regional Search and Rescue (HRSAR) does not support the telephone fund raising campaign presently underway in Nova Scotia;

b.  this campaign is organized by the Nova Scotia Ground Search and Rescue Association to raise funds for its members to attend meetings and is not part of the Halifax team’s fund raising agenda;

c.  the funds are being solicited by staff of Fenety Marketing Services (Atl.) Ltd., Moncton, NB on behalf of the provincial association and are not being raised for ground search and rescue operational needs;

d.  HRSAR does not participate in telephone solicitations.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our team at