Send us your photos!

May 02, 2011

Results are now out – please see our “2011 Results” page for details.

The combined Participant/Directors/Course Designer notes from this year’s race can be found here.

Please send us any photos, comments or stories that you have from the 2011 E2C or the post-race banquets. We welcome feedback (good or bad) in order to make future races better for participants and volunteers.

It would also be great to see photos from prize winners – this helps our sponsors to see where their donations have gone and allows us to thank them for supporting the event. Send in pictures of you wearing/using/displaying your swag to

If you were a late addition to a team or had to swap teams after registration had closed, and you didn’t get a certificate at the end of the race, please e-mail us and we will send you an electronic certificate for the event. We won’t be printing any more card-stock certificates, but we can send you one in pdf format.

Thanks for making the 2011 E2C a success!

  • Hi There,

    Can members of another SAR team in the province participate in this event
    / Challenge?


    Kyle M
    Cape Breton Search & Rescue

  • Jenny

    Of course! We welcome entries from all teams across the country and internationally. If you have a look at our results pages from this year and before, you can see the provinces/countries that teams have come from.

  • Crissy

    When does the registration for the E2C begin this year?

  • Jenny Cartwright

    Hi Crissy,

    We are aiming for mid January – so hopefully in a week or two, we will have registration set up and ready for use! We’re just developing a new form/online system to use, so we want to make sure it works before letting it loose in the world 🙂

  • Sarah

    Is there an age limit or any experience required?

  • Jenny

    No age limit and no experience required, although there should be someone who is over 18 on each team. So parents and children would be able to compete together, or a group of younger friends with one adult. For those with less experience, the recreational category allows the use of GPS as well as the map/compass, and the 8hr race would obviously be less challenging than a full 24hr race.

  • Tammyaucoin1

    What’s the deadline for registration?

  • Jenny Cartwright

    Hi Tammy, the deadline for registration is April 22nd.

  • Matt Kelly

    Thanks for upgrading to a more technical shirt this year. It’s worth the extra $5 for sure!