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Apr 19, 2006

Team Stories – Mental Approach

Team Mental Approach (R.Hughes, S.Pottie) 3450 points 13/27 teams in PC-24 Steve Pottie and I teamed up for this E2C, although we’d not raced (to use the term loosely) before, we had a good time together. Sitting around the dining table the night before in front of a brobdingnagian bowl of pasta was a good start….. Race day dawned damp, as they are ever wont to do. But at least it wasn’t really raining. Yet. Just a Scotch mist. We … Continue reading 

Apr 19, 2006

Team Stories – Hansel and Gretel in Swampy Bogland

Team Hansel and Gretel in Swampy Bogland (L.Boyce, D.Dunne) 3100 points 3/5 teams in SAR-24 Eco-Endurance Challenge Search and Rescue style: Report of the team “Hansel and Gretel in swampy bogland” by Lyse Boyce My team-mate, Dave Dunne, and I participated in the 24 hour Search and Rescue category of the E2C. Both of us had completed the eight hour challenge last year and that had left us wanting more. The most arduous part of preparing for this year’s race … Continue reading 

Apr 19, 2006

Team Stories – Chin Chan Chinamen

Chin Chan Chinamen (P.Chan, D.Chin) 1750 points 14/25 teams in Rec-8 Course Time: 6.5 hours Yes, we’re brothers and we have different last names and we’re both of mostly Chinese descent. We’re also part Scottish and part Native Indian but Chin Chan Scotsmen just doesn’t have the same ring to it. I’ll tell you why I changed my name some other time. I can admit it now, nobody is looking for me anymore 🙂 We’re also both middle-aged and on … Continue reading 

Apr 19, 2004

Team Stories – Northern Sluggers

Northern Sluggers (G.Nix, A.Power, E.Ripley-Barrow) 2100 points 2/12 teams in Rec-8 Yesterday, Saturday May 1, I was fortunate to join veteran orienteerers Greg Nix and Alice Powers to be part of the “Northern Sluggers” in your Eco Challenge ’04. My love for the outdoors, plus my appreciation for a day close to nature made this a memorable event. At one control a “whiskey jack” (gray jay) ate trail mix from my hand,at another time a bald eagle soared over us … Continue reading 

Apr 19, 2004

Team Stories – Brunswick Blister Busters

Brunswick Blister Busters (R.Hughes, A.Whaley) 5250 points 7/28 teams in PC-24 9/45 teams overall on 24-h course This was the fourth time Alex and I teamed up for the annual Nova Scotia rogaine, after 2 Maxi-Mooses and one previous E2C. It’s good to have an event like this close to home. Our fitness routine is to cross-country ski now and then through the winter, then fit in a few hikes once the snow goes. At least three. The last one … Continue reading 

Apr 19, 2003

Team Stories – Swampseekers

Swampseekers (I.Folkins, B.Kliem) 3300 points 1/9 teams in PC-8 Standing on the start line with a mixture of excitement and anticipation. Anticipating partly the pain the last hour always brings, and because I have always made mistakes in this condition. Am I in good enough shape? I keep a basic fitness by walking to work and playing ground hockey twice a week. Over the past two months I have been running 25 miles a week, but not very consistently. This … Continue reading