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Apr 19, 2008

Team Stories – Hail To The Chimp

Hail to the Chimp (D.Eaton, B.Toms) 15300 points (1157 h) 1/39 teams in PC-24 Warning: this is a wordy, full description of our race (with control numbers and times) for the benefit of those interested. Another Eco Endurance Challenge for team Hail to the Chimp and this year we were able to bring our full strength to the competition. Last year we had to walk non-stop for the duration of the race since I (Dave) had run the Boston Marathon … Continue reading 

Apr 19, 2007

irving singles

Team Tenacious Turtles (S.Trussler, J.Garnhum, A.Harding) 9100 points 1/17 teams in Rec-24 We headed SE to 204 and lined up for the chance to punch, then headed down to 129 where the line up wasn’t as bad but I scared a few other teams as I stripped off a couple of layers I was already overheating. We then headed up to 219 and 121, there was some confusion at 219 as the marker was about 15m away from the stream/ … dating for mature singles

Apr 19, 2007

Team Stories – Late Not Lost

Late Not Lost (A.Bruce, D.Stover, T.Polley) 1500 points 8/9 teams in SAR-8 Course Time: 1750 hours Picture yourself in a timed scavenger hunt held in the middle of nowhere following a savage April rain storm. Please, try to remember that what you will read in this true tale is considered by many to be a fun recreational event, really good fun. Envision yourself wearing a small back pack, boots, and perhaps rain gear as you clutch map and compass to … Continue reading 

Apr 19, 2007

Team Stories – An Inconvenient Hoof

An Inconvenient Hoof (R.Hughes, S.Pottie) 7300 points 16/36 teams in PC-24 Spring, a Friday night, it’s cold and raining and I’m in Halifax. It has to be E2C weekend. Yes. 2007, ten years since the epic and groundbreaking Maxi-Moose rogaine that got this all started, in the wild hills of Wentworth. We’ve all learned a few things since then, but some habits never change, such as the night-before pasta feed. Steve and I hungrily tucked in, listening to the rain. … Continue reading 

Apr 19, 2006

Team Stories – Way Too Phat

Way Too Phat (R.Tibert, G.Moore) 3600 points 12/27 teams in PC-24 Course Time: 23 hours As usual the January snow and cold induced our need to again (since 2001, SAR challenge) to register to “race”. Feet have long since healed and the toe nails have returned in full form. Race day: Early morning start up, by meeting for breakfast at Sunnyside and then out to the new registration area for this year. This is one of my favorite times because … Continue reading 

Apr 19, 2006

Team Stories – Myles To Go

Myles to Go (W.Myles, J.Newbery) 4050 points 6/27 teams in PC-24 Controls: 121, 126, 163, 233, 235, 262, 205, 200, 204, 232, 203, 202, 237, 128, 169, 124, 130, 129, 122, 131, 138, 175, 127, 136 Wayne and I got to the registration site shortly after 7:00 am. Better to have too much time than not enough. We drove to the start/finish area just past 10:00 and gosh, what a surprise, it’s overcast and looking wet. We decided to work … Continue reading